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Wig-Wags Copyright Policy

Thank you for visiting my site. The content on this site is copyright to Rene Tyree. If you find the information on Wig-Wags interesting and want to republish it, please contact me. Anyone using content as if it were their own without acknowledging the source is also violating copyright. Wig-Wags content is available for reading, via feed or otherwise, when it comes directly from Wig-Wags. Anyone who republishes Wig-Wags content beyond fair usage without permission is violating copyright rules. Reproduction of the content in any media format for sale is a violation of copyright. Anyone who republishes Wig-Wags content beyond fair usage without permission on any website featuring ads, called “commercial use,” may also be violating copyright laws. I am glad to discuss responsible use of the materials on this site. Please contact me using the link below.

Most photographs used on Wig-Wags are in the public domain. Where not in the public domain, I have made every attempt to ask for permission of their use. Public domain sources quoted directly on this blog can be reproduced but their analysis and the creative content associated with these public domain sources are copyright to the creator and/or author.

Wig-Wags content is frequently hijacked. Your support in reporting hijackers and sploggers is appreciated.

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January 21, 2008 at 12:04 am

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