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It has been argued that photographs of  the American Civil War made it the first war accessible in all its horror to those who were not a part of experiences related to combat. This section identifies the photographers who made this possible. The Library of Congress provides a list of known photographers during the American Civil War.

Barnard, George N. (1819-1902)

Betteson, N.B.

Bostwick, C.O.

Matthew Brady (1823-1896)

Smithsonian Institute’s coverage of Matthew Brady Biographical  information is available here on the Library of Congress American Memory Collection on the Civil War.

Brady National Photographic Art Gallery (Washington, D.C.)

Cook, George S. (George Smith) (1819-1902)

Cooley, Sam S. (Samuel A.)

Gardner, Alexander (1821-1882)

Gardner, James (b. 1832)

Gibson, James F. (b. 1828)

Holmes, S.A. (Silas A.) (ca. 1820-1886)

Knox, David

Lilienthal, Theodore (1829-1894)

O’Sullivan, Timothy H. (1840-1882)

Pywell, Wm. R. (William Redish) (1843-1886)

Reekie, John

Scholten, J. A. (John A.) (1829-1886)

Smith, William Morris

Vannerson, Julian (b. 1827)

Whitehurst Gallery (Washington, D.C.)

Woodbury, D. B. (David B.) (d. 1866)

Young, J.A.

Written by Rene Tyree

February 21, 2009 at 2:04 pm

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