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My purpose on this page is to identify present day instructors in military history regardless of school. I do this out of my own interest in the profession. 



Dr. Edward J. Hagerty
M.A., History 1989
Ph.D. History 1993
Temple UniversityCollis' Zouaves: The 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers In The Civil War
Associate Professor Edward J. Hagerty holds the Ph.D. from Temple University, where he worked closely with the eminent military historian Russell F. Weigley. Professor Hagerty’s primary interest in the field of military history is the American Civil War, with a secondary interest in Irish History. His book, Collis’ Zouaves: The 114th Pennsylvania Volunteers was published by Louisiana State University Press in 1997. Professor Hagerty is working on a biographical study of Lt. Gen. Richard H. Anderson, forthcoming from LSU Press.

Professor Hagerty is also an Air Force Reserve officer and special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). He is presently assigned as the commander, AFOSI Field Investigations Region 2, Langley AFB, VA. He has written a history of AFOSI that is forthcoming from GPO.

A more complete biographical sketch can be read here.

[From Rene Tyree – Dr. Hagerty is my current professor for Historiography at AMU.]

Charles White 
Dr. Charles E. White
Duke University
Charles E. White received his Ph.D. in German and Military Studies from Duke University. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and served with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Germany and the 4th Cavalry in the United States. While at Duke University, Dr. White was a Fulbright Fellow at the Free University oScharnhorst and the Militarische Gesellschaft in Berlin, 1801-1805f Berlin from 1982-84, where he conducted research for his dissertation and first book, The Enlightened Soldier: Scharnhorst and the Militaerische Gesellschaft in Berlin, 1801-1805. He has presented papers on Prussian military history and Scharnhorst for the Society for Military History (formerly the American Military Institute), The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, and at the Fuehrungsakademie der Bundeswehr in Hamburg, Germany. From 1986-1998, Dr. White was the Chief of Military History at the United States Army Infantry School, where he taught military history and led staff rides to battlefields in the United States and abroad. In December 1998, he assumed the duties as Dean of Academics at American Military University, but left in August 1999 to pursue other historical activities. Dr. White was then the Lewis and Clark historian for the United States Army, and is currently the Command Historian for the United States Army Forces Command, the largest major command in the United States Army. Dr. White is working on a study of the Jena/Auerstaedt Campaign of 1806 from the Prussian perspective, as well as a biography of Scharnhorst, and other projects relating to military education.

[From Rene Tyree – I’m very pleased to have had Dr. White for the first two courses at AMU.  He is a popular and respected teacher.]

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November 12, 2007 at 3:32 am

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