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the abolitionists

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brown-croppedBrown, John (1800 – 1859)

  • Radical abolitionist, the most notorious abolitionist
  • May, 1856 – killed five pro-slavery southerners in what became known as the Pottawatomie Massacre – a catalyst event in American history.
  • December 2, 1856 – executed on the gallows
  • Martyred to some
  • More important dead than alive
  • Steven Vincent Bennett – John Brown’s Body

Works about John Brown

douglass-croppedDouglass, Frederick (1818 – 1885)

  • An escaped slave.
  • Arguably the best orator of the 19th century.
  • Largely self educated, became an eloquent writer.
  • Publisher of the antislavery paper, North Star

Works by Frederick Douglass

Works about Frederick Douglass

rwemerson-croppedEmerson, Ralph Waldo (1803 – 1882)

For the complete works of Emerson, see RalphWaldoEmerson.org here.

garrison-cropped Garrison, William Lloyd (1805 – 1879)

beecher-stowe Beecher Stowe, Harriett (1811 – 1896)

Works by Harriet Beecher Stowe

For more information

Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

Written by Rene Tyree

February 20, 2009 at 11:16 pm

4 Responses

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  1. FYI, here is a partial list covering various aspects of antislavery and abolition:

    Bruce Laurie, _Beyond Garrison_

    Paul Goodman, _Of One Blood: Abolitionism and the Origins of Racial Inequality_

    Henry mayer, _All On Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery_

    Thomas O. Morris, _Free Men All: The Personal Liberty Laws of the North, 1780-1861_

    Fergus Bordewich, _Bound for Canaan_

    William Lee Miller, _Arguing About Slavery_

    David S. Reynolds, _John Brown: Abolitionist_

    Leonard L. Richards, _Gentlemen of Property and Standing: Anti-Abolitionist Mobs_

    Leonard L. Richards, _The Slave Power_

    Milton C. Sennett, _Abolition’s Axe: Beriah Green, the Oneida Institute, and the Black Freedom Struggle_

    Benjamin Quarles, _Black Abolitionists_

    Alfred Von Frank, _The Trials of Anthony Burns: Freedom and Slavery in Emerson’s Boston_

    Joanne Pope Melish, _Disowning Slavery_

    Gary M. Collison, _Shadrach Minkins: From Fugitive Slave to Citizen_

    William McFeely, _Frederick Douglass_

    James Brewer Stewart, _Abolitionist Politics and the Coming of the Civil War_

    David Blight, ed., _Passages to Freedom_

    James and Lois Horton, _Black Bostonians: Family Life and Community Struggle in the Antebellum North_

    Julie Roy Jeffrey, _The Great Silent Army of Abolitionism: Ordinary Women in the Abolition Movement_

    Gerda Lerner, _The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina_

    Mark Perry, _Lift Up Thy Voice: The Grimke Family’s Journey From Slaveholders to Civil Rights Leaders_

    Christopher Clark, _The Communitarian Moment: The Radical Challenge of the Northampton Association_

    Marc Ferguson

    March 9, 2009 at 4:31 pm

  2. Marc,

    Thanks! Great list!


    Rene Tyree

    March 11, 2009 at 8:00 pm

  3. Just wondering. Are there any books or sources about Southern abolitionists?

    Marilyn Marme

    November 1, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for your question. I’m sure I’m barely scratching the surface but let me get you started with a couple.

      There is is a good review on H-Net of Stanley Harrold’s, The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-1861. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1995 ( ISBN 978-0-8131-1906-9).

      Also, The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina: Pioneers for Woman’s Rights and Abolition by Gerda Lerner
      New York Oxford OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 1998.

      Rene Tyree

      November 1, 2009 at 7:37 pm

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